Reading GPS, IMU, barometer directly over I2C

Hi, I want to use the Here+ v2 device with Google Cartographer (a LiDAR+SLAM mapping platform). Specifically, I need to be able to read the GPS, IMU, barometer directly over I2C, using a USB to serial adapter on my laptop. Is the protocol used by Here+ v2 documented somewhere?

This is not supported

Hi, I’m sure it’s not, but Ardupilot is an open platform, right? There must be driver code somewhere for this device that I can look at?

Ardupilot is open, but there is no access to those devices over i2c

Here 2 specs indicates it has compass, gyro, accel etc. Is that IMU model actually being used to fuse info with gps inside Here 2? If not, is it possible to configure it as 3rd IMU to let autopilot to run 3rd parallel EKF2? @philip

I guess only compass and baro are connected to the i2c or can bus right? So we don’t have access

Cube has 3IMU’s onboard… and if you are using the correct settings, you are already using 3 IMU’s

Yes I realized after I replied. If I configure the AP to run 3 EKFs, it activates third onboard IMU. The main question was about the IMU inside Here 2 though…

its not available on current firmware, its not isolated, and not temperature compensated

Thank you for your your attention