Relay Output on Orange Cube - need help

Hello everybody,
I have an pixhawk orange cube as arducopter, and I wanted to activate Aux Out 5 as a relay.
I also set the parameters in Mission Planner:
AUX out was set to 54, relay 2
And when I go into the Flight Data menu and want to test the Relay 2 function, nothing happens, only with servo output No.13, there I get a voltage change when clicking, between 0.1 - 0.3 V
How does this relay output work? Is this an open / close contact? Or how should it work this relay output? Do you need an additional relay board?
Where exactly do you have to connect the contacts?
I want to turn a headlight on and off.
Don’t understand the logic behind it.

Thank you for!

It outputs 3.3V.

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thanks, but on which pins exactly must be connected to get this 3,3Volt?
See my scheme/pictures with the connectors.
For example, i need a relay output on Aux 5

GND and Signal.
What do you want to use relay on?
You can set it high/low. That is 3.3V or 0V. If it’s triggering, You can send a 3.3V pulse.

thanks, i wann use a relay, that activated one LED BEAM for example, or a separate camera trigger
Where can I set the high/low parameter?

It works for triggering camera for sure. For LEDs make sure your voltage levels are matched or you can also use external relay.