RTK GPS with Internal Barometer


I’m looking for a RTK GNSS with populated Barometer. I have purchased Here3 and the RTK work great, but I also need an external barometer. I have purchased and made some test with the Here2 and it seems that the problems with my UAV dropping with placing barometer where the GNSS stance does the job and fixes that problem. I saw that the PCB of Here 2 and Here 3 are the same and there is a footprint to solder the barometer. Is there a way if I solder the barometer on Here3 and after that the MCU on Here3 will start reading the barometer or I have to instal a different firmware to work. If so can you help me with the firmware or can you offer a GNSS RTK+Barometer.

It won’t. You can just solder a baro on Here3. Besides, Here3 is water repellent by glue. You can’t place baro inside.

So I can solder it but the MCU wont start reading the barometer and send the data to the Cube ?

MCU on Here3 won’t read barometer. You shall connect an external baro to the autopilot.