RTK ..one or two Here3 on UAV?

Good morning friends of the group

I need support for fast info.

It is the first time that RTK has set up on Herelink and my current configuration is:
Herelink + here3 GPS + Cube Orange (here3 works on Can1)

I bought HERE+ base m8p pixhawk 2 but I do not understand if a second HERE3 on board UAV (Rover) or if the single HERE3 already mounted and satisfies the characteristics of HERE+ base M8P Pixhawk 2 mounted in Ground Station

In other words … I have to put two GPS on UAV (original + other here3) or does the original remain?

I need a telemetry module?

thank you

You need a computer(with GCS such as MP or QGC) and telemetry on your UAV in order to use here base(or any other base RTK).
Please check the detail with the link below.