SBuso setup

Hi, i’ve been reading about Serial bus outputs in teh cube orange AP, in order to control serial devices, but since the information is not specific nor consolidated so I will write here what I’ve understood so far so I can get confirmation from you guys.

The serial bus output is the rail inside the yellow square in the image below with the tag “SBuso”, right?

So in the herelink air unit, I would configure the channels that I want to control, in this case, I will use #5 and #7 for tilt and pan control respectively.

Then, in mission planner I will enable BRD_SBUS_OUT.

Hereon I have to map the channels that I want to control I guess:


And that’s it, right?

Specifically this doubt is to control the Tarot Gimbal for the gopro session model TL3T02, that can be controlled via sbus protocol.

This is the software of the gimbal

And this is the gimbal

1.- SBus Servos — Copter documentation

2.- Servo — Copter documentation

3.- Cube SBUSo settings - solved

As a sidenote, the cube orange manual is by far incomplete! I guess that de developer team should expand the cube orange manual found in the

We have the same gimbal along with a herelink. Couple of things to note:
You use ServoX_function, not RCx_function. The first couple of servos will be used for your motors, so only use 5 if you’re running a quad, otherwise stick to servo9 onwards.
I have Servo9_function set to 55 which is RCPassThru5 (i.e. Channel 5 passthru). You can pass through channels 1-16 using 51-66, see here. On the tarot gimbal software, set the channel to the corresponding servo number, e.g. I have Channel 9 set for tilt as I mapped rcin5 (hardware wheel) to servo 9. Hope that makes sense.

bro!! thanks a lot! I’ll let you know when i do it.

Well I did everything that you said and it worked, however I am not using the sbuso port, I didn’t know how to get it to work…

There are 2 sets of 3 pins, the ones next to the power1 port is the sbuso, I’m not sure what the other 3 are for. Also, did you get your polarity right?
Send a bin or param file of how you had it set up for sbuso, I’ll have a look.

The other 3 was CONS, console pins for debugging. They were connected to serial 5 in old carrier board but removed on ADS-B carrier boards.

If they are not labelled on your carrier board, they are connecting to nowhere.

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