Screen mirroring using hdmi


Can the screen be mirrored to an external display using a micro usb to hdmi converter?

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this is an important question i’m waiting for the answers


So it won’t be supported in the next beta?


Its on Philips list of coming with the next beta soon


Screen mirror is coming.

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Hi Phillip! I just bought one from foxtech (backorder, supposedly until may), will those version have screen mirroring? If not I prefer to cancel and wait, when do you expect to have this option?

Another idea i was thinking is to use the andoroid feature to do screen mirroring via wifi to a smart TV, would this be possible?



We will announce all features as they come. It’s a software feature, so even if it wasn’t in this release it will come. It will be added to the HereLinks that are already in the field


What about the hardware changes you mentioned? I just want to make sure im getting the latest version.



this next batch is the latest batch, there are no hardware changes planned for a full year at least.

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Thanks Phillip! Now, I have to buy a monitor or TV for a client that wants me to deliver a drone right away. My plan is to temporarily give him a low resolution analog transmitter/receiver connected to a monitor or tv. I just want to make sure I can use that monitor/TV when the HereLink arrives.

Can you explain a bit how its going to work, or with what monitors/TVs it will be compatible please?


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Hi all,

Do you know if its possible to do screen mirroring to a smart tv like in any other android device? Or what is the best way to transfer the image to a big screen?



We have been waiting since april for this feature


You can cast to an IP address and play with many players…