Screen mirroring using hdmi

Can the screen be mirrored to an external display using a micro usb to hdmi converter?

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this is an important question i’m waiting for the answers

So it won’t be supported in the next beta?

Its on Philips list of coming with the next beta soon

Screen mirror is coming.

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Hi Phillip! I just bought one from foxtech (backorder, supposedly until may), will those version have screen mirroring? If not I prefer to cancel and wait, when do you expect to have this option?

Another idea i was thinking is to use the andoroid feature to do screen mirroring via wifi to a smart TV, would this be possible?


We will announce all features as they come. It’s a software feature, so even if it wasn’t in this release it will come. It will be added to the HereLinks that are already in the field

What about the hardware changes you mentioned? I just want to make sure im getting the latest version.


this next batch is the latest batch, there are no hardware changes planned for a full year at least.

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Thanks Phillip! Now, I have to buy a monitor or TV for a client that wants me to deliver a drone right away. My plan is to temporarily give him a low resolution analog transmitter/receiver connected to a monitor or tv. I just want to make sure I can use that monitor/TV when the HereLink arrives.

Can you explain a bit how its going to work, or with what monitors/TVs it will be compatible please?


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Hi all,

Do you know if its possible to do screen mirroring to a smart tv like in any other android device? Or what is the best way to transfer the image to a big screen?


We have been waiting since april for this feature

You can cast to an IP address and play with many players…


Is this feature available right now? I read through the manual, I don’t think I saw anything about screen mirroring or screen extender. Also where can I check for latest updates?

Thanks in advance!

Look at the mission planner part of the manual. It’s all there.

The docs describe, how to update and how to share the video stream to be consumed in Mission Planner or VLC. I do not see a dscription for mirroring the entire screen of the Herelink ground unit.

As the display is glossy and way too faint, outside at daylight it is almost impossible to see anything even with a hood. To be honest, I did not expect a device coming to the market in 2019 to be that useless to control vehicles usually used outside at daylight and not at twilight.

Herelink is no dimmer than an iPhone or anything else, I specifically tested this and compared it to the Crystalsky and ST16 from Yuneec.

Try turning off the Auto dimming Control in the setting for the display as some have seen some issues with it dropping the brightness.

iPhones and iPads are the worst comparison regarding display brightness. Same for ST16. So this only says that they are also not usable outside. You are right, when you say, they are not better than Herelink - but those are already known since years to be useless for outside usage and ProfiCNC / Hex had the chance to learn from that - but didn’t take it.

I have the Crystal Sky Ultra with 2000 nits and I can tell you this is like a difference between day and night compared to Herelink. Also the “normal” Crystal Sky with “only” 1000 nits is way brighter (and also not glossy). Even my Sony XPeria Z3 tablet compact, which was 2014 one of the brightest tablets with 550 nits is still way brighter than 2019/2020’s Herelink.

Hopefully I find a way to mirror the screen to that CrystalSky as my DJI N3 / Lightbridge 2 builds went into retirement meanwhile.


If that can help you, I use a USB to HDMI converter which I connect by the Herelink and a television and it works well.
By adding to this converter, another HDMI to RCA converter, I manage to display the Herelink screen in old Fatskark Base glasses.