Sending RTK GPS data using MAVSDK MAVPROXY

I am currently attaching a companion computer Raspberry Pi to the orange cube.
Currently the raspberry pi runs Mavproxy and MavSDK.

I am using Mavsdk to control the drone.

I like to set up a RTK gps base station to give accurate position for landing.

  1. How do I transmit the data from the RTK base station using Mavsdk or mavproxy or even directly using mavlink to the orange cube?
  2. What RTK gps base station is the orange cube compatible with?

You may check the mavlink message list
But I think you may also on the Ardupilot/Px4 forum, as this is more a software problem. Developers that can give you better understanding on how the data are being received and processed.

I am not sure how your system works, but won’t it be easier if you use ground control station to send the RTK base signal to the autopilot?

For you 2nd question, it depends on whether the firmware support it or not.
For example:

My set up is orange cube flight controller with HERE3 GPS.
I read that the HERE3 GPS comes with build in receiver module, accelerometer and gyro.

Is this compatible with Beitian GPS base station? I am able to receive RTK data from the Beitian Base station. If we send this to the flight controller, would it be compatible?

As long as your rtk base uses u-blox solution, it should be compatible.

I found the solution for anyone interested to know. There is a module called DGPS in mavproxy. Which can be done easily.

Could you elaborate how you made use of the dgps module for rtk?

once you load that module, All you need is just to send using UDP the RTCM data from your base station to port 13320. That is all