[solved]3d fix but no satellites

I’m getting an unusual error. I have a Here plugged into GPS 2 port. I have GPS switch on use second gps.

I’m receiving a 3D fix, which is actually the correct location. However I’m not getting any satellites or Hdop. Can’t change into a flight mode due to that.

I have tested Here in gps1 port and recieving satellites and Hdop.

Gps1 port for the sake of this question is used but off or no data.

Is there a parameter I’m missing?


There is

Satcount which related to anything plugged into GPS1

Satcount2 which relates to anything plugged into GPS2.

Suggest you are looking at the wrong Mavlink message.

Right click on the HUD and click “user items”… here you can select which satcount you want.

Yup, that was it. Thank you!