[solved]Radio Calibration on Herelink


Hi Philip,

Unable to calibrate the Radio Controls in the Herelink, when I press Calibrate it will not proceed past the second step “Move the Throttle stick all the way up and hold it there…” once I hold the throttle stick up and hold it up the calibration does not proceed to next step. The Next tab is grayed out and the calibration freezes at this point. I have tried a number of times, and I also have checked the "Herelink Joystick calibration-from hardware part and done the necessary adjustments.

Hence unable to calibrate Radio Calibration in “Ardupilot”, please help. Please see the following link this gentleman is having the same problem as me.

Thank You


In that video is has it in PPM and not Sbus on the larger board

Here link is Sbus

Just to confirm your Using Sbus and you are using the far right cable on the pair for the RC output of two as the first pair does not work currently.

And you have configured that input in ardu separately to Sbus?


Hi MadRC,

I have followed your YouTube video, and as per your instruction, I have connected the far right cable from RC out put to RC in on the Pixhawk 2.1. I am using the mini carrier board at present, and the RC in on the mini carrier board is also labeled as PPM. I also have the standard (Big) carrier board which says RC in only. I will change over to the standard carrier board and try it soon.

How do you change the setting in Ardupilot to Sbus? I think I am missing this step.

Thank You for assistance.


Make sure you are using this pin on the mini carrier and run the RC wizard in Mission Planner

if your still having issues I will fire it all up in the morning and post, iv not tested the mini carrier board though


I got it working, the wire in from the sbus needs to be swapped, you have made an error on your YouTube Video. The yellow cable should be at the top and the black cable should be on the bottom.
Now it all working.

Thank You


Glad you got it sorted , that it entirely dependent on your board and it’s not really an error, yellow is signal black is ground and these are not the same on each board. This can be different on each board you use.


Glad it is sorted


Thank you MadRC, and Philip for your assistance, I am glad I chose to go this route, instead of the DJI products. Very much appreciate your support, now looking forward for the camera gimbal set up, to finish off the project. Aim was to build a better platform then the DJI Inspire, in all aspects.

Thank You