Sometimes inaccurate height with RTK


I have multiple systems using the HERE+ RTK. We sometimes have height issues, but thought this was in our system. But apparently it is not. The latest flight again showed one drone being 4 meter lower than the others.

Two drones starting at same height and landing at same height. But graphs show another story? This is GPS_RAW_INT I’m plotting

Any ideas why? And how to combat this?

Can you try to update the firmware in Here+v2?

Also the intermittently data near the end doesn’t look normal.

I just checked and the version on the base station is:

  • HPG 1.30 REF
    The version on the drone is:
  • HPG 1.40 ROVER

I.e. the rover has already “a quite recent version”. Not sure if it would make a difference to update?

That is true. I found out that this corresponds to the moments the RTK solution is FIXED. Which means that the resolution is better. Not sure I understand why when going back to a FLOAT solution makes it immediately that bad …

Update also flush the memory, which may fix potential corruption.