Support for encryption?



Does the HereLink have anykind of a encryption on the link?


Yes it does


Can you elaborate a bit more how and which methods?


This is just not quite enough as an answer for something important like this.
I would need to know if the units authenticate each other and which crypto features are used to secure the over the air link.

I do understand that this unit is still in beta and things can change, however the higher level principles are quite the same in any solution.


Why do you need encryption?


Actually we would prefer to have both authentication and encryption schemes on these units. Currently the most important reason is that some of our clients require encrypted link.

In close future (2020 July) the EU new regulation for specific category UA (typically professional type UA) indirectly require to have encrypted (and authenticated) link between the remote controller and the UA in higher risk operations. A higher risk operation can typically be a VLOS flight over sparsely populated area.

The combination of encryption and authentication will provide protection from most basic security/MITM/replay attacks, even tough those are highly unlikely to happen.

PS. In my opinion the encryption & authentication should be the default. Without no questions asked.


It’s RSA256 no evidence of a successful hack yet.


Ist the encryption symmetric or asymetric?