Transmission Power of Herelink

Can anyone kindly confirm the transmission power of Herelink? Preferably a simple EIRP value in mW? I have the CE version (bought in the UK) and I’m really struggling to find anything online or in the product documentation, etc.

Any help appreciated!


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Air unit:
0.6776W under FCC

5GHz: 0.005~0.0036 depends on frequency range
2.4GHz: 0.0063~0.0048 depends on frequency range

When operating, only 1 antenna work for transmission and both of them work for receiving. If they got similar signal strength, all TX will be done by the omni-directional antenna (2.5dBi), as it is the main antenna.

The emission power was measured with only 1 antenna attached. Under different RF modes, power will be restricted to fit the regulation.

Edited: More detailed explanations


My guess is that you got this number from 30dBm - 2dBi AntennaGain (+ connector loss) =
28.31 dBm

this would be the max setting
under normal operation its 23dbm for FCC mode

I have added more explanation to the reply at #3. Those values are not calculated but instead actually measured.