Two flashing blue lights - happened when setting up RTK

I have a copter with an Orange Cube and Here3.

Today I was setting up RTK with Mission Planner.

Early in the process of setting up the Mission Planner settings for RTK, the Here3 began flashing two blue lights - “disarmed, no GPS lock”.

I was able to successfully perform the Mission Planner Survey-In procedure. But the Here3 remained displaying flashing two blue lights. I’m using a ZED-F9P receiver for my base receiver.

I disconnected from my PC, and attempted to start the copter normally - and the flashing two blue lights remained.

I have a funny feeling that somehow the parameters changed on the ublox chip - but that’s just a wild guess.

I recall reading a procedure for opening up the Here3 so that it could be connected to a PC running U-Center for firmware updates - necessary for a firmware update for RTK. I couldn’t find that documentation again.

I opened the case on the Here3 - and everything seems in order - and I couldn’t find an obvious connection for a serial connection. There is one very small (looks smaller than a JST-SH 1.0) - perhaps that’s the connector for the serial connection to the ublox chip.

I reattached the Here3’s inside disk with the CAN cable - and it starts up OK - but still the flashing two blue lights.

I have another Here3 on another copter - but I’m afraid to use it for testing for fear I might mess that one up as well.

I can order a replacement - but would prefer to re-set this one if it’s possible.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Wow - this is embarrassing. It appears the problem was simply an unusually long cold start. Good GPS lock this morning. I had been testing in my upstairs workshop - where I typically get a pretty good GPS lock. Looks like on a cold start, there wasn’t enough reception. Moving the copter outside - I was able to get a lock fairly quickly.

Do you mean this document?

There is the procedure about here3 firmware upgrade.(use CAN)

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