Understanding RTK and Correct Configuration for GPS with Pixhawk 4.2.8 Qgroundcontrol

Hello, I’m currently working on a project involving Pixhawk 4.2.8 and Here GPS 3+ with base GPS.

I’ve managed to configure the parameters following the instructions on a website, and I’m now able to get GPS data and connect the base station GPS to my laptop. RTK values are showing.

Initially, when I configured the GPS to use the COM port to connect to the base station GPS, the Groundstation was posting data but RTK wasn’t visible in QGroundControl (QGC).

I’m a bit confused about the correct setup for RTK and how to ensure it’s working properly. Can someone please explain what RTK is and provide guidance on the correct configuration for using it with Pixhawk 4.2.8 and Here GPS?

Any insights or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!