Use herelink with DJI goggles v2 or replace it with a compatible Video transmisstion system for cube orange?

Is it possible to Use herelink with DJI goggles v2 or replace it with a compatible Video transmission system that plugs and plays into the cube orange ?

I already have the FPV but want to build a fixed wing for longer flight and preferrable longer range.
Preferrable I would like a video link and control that allows for up to 100km range.

Is this possbible with herelink or if not possible to use the dji goggles is there a good alternative?

Hi @jordansz

So actually, you can visit this cubepilot forum discussion to know more about it.
Link for the discussion :- Herelink with FPV glasses

You can use U green convertor to use the Fatshark goggles in herelink system but you will face a bit more latency than herelink system display. Almost applicable for general flying.

You can use U Green convertor to get this to work but you may face problems.

You can use the a cube and Ardupilot with the DJI Digital FPV System in V4.1 of Arduopter. When Plane 4.1 drops too, in not checked recently on plane if it’s out yet.

MSP Support has been added in 4.1 so it works with the DJI Air units and Goggles V1/V2.

Your not going to get 100km though.

Hi MadRC,

Thank you for the reply. Im really newbie on this still reading all the docs.
Could you please elloborate a bit more on this?

MSP support = the dji transmission protocol?

So buying a dji FPV camera and transmission seems a good relative cheap way to get camera running for fpv and connect them to the gogggles. Would I be able to directly connect to the goggles or is there still hardware required? I red there was an arduino board that converted the mavlink to dji compatible transmission, is that still required or is that obsolute and is it now directly supported in the software?

Is there any documentation in the wiki on how to setup an connect the dji goggles to the arducopter software if it runs on the cube organge i intent to buy?

Also would it be possible to just “extend” the DJI FPV transmission with an extra hardware unit? I dont really need 100km, but around 10/20 would be awesome. I tend to fly across the coast, so not above people mostly dunes. Its more a project to monitor the dunes and 4km is to short, in that case I would have to follow the drone by car which is very inconvient.

Also I dont understand do I HAVE to use the herelink ground controller? Since I already own the DJI controller, an ipad and would rather not spend another 800 euros on a hardware unit if the software can perfectly run on an ipad.