Using a virtual base station for Here 3 rtk GPS


I have a Cube Orange and I would like to get rtk GPS. Absolute accuracy is important for my project and I don’t want to have to wait a few hours for my own base station to achieve 10cm accuracy.

I have the option of getting free rtk correction data through 4G network (virtual base stations). As I understand it, with a Here base station, the corrections would be sent to the rover through the telemetry link connecting the laptop running mission planner with the Cube.

How would this work with virtual base stations? Can I simply get a 4G dongle for the laptop, enter the ntrip host and password somewhere in Mission planner and the corrections will be sent to the rover via the telemetry link?

Thanks! I’m quite new at Ardupilot.

But I cant get rtk fix solution … always rtk float … with Here 3

Here3 is a single band rtk. It needs more ideal environment to achieve good accuracy.

So does need high signal on base station ?

HerePro will be a better solution