Using GPS2 as primary


my carrier baord have a damaged GPS1 connector and now I am woundering if I can use my Here GPS (I2C) on GPS2 as primary. At the moment I have no cable to test and If I check the documentation it may work if I switch GPS_AUTOSWITCH to 3 …

Any issues here?
I cannot update my Here GPS to CAN, ist an older version without the I2C/CAN Dip switch.

Thank you. Jim.

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Other than you would have no safety switch button it’s a simple config thing.

In fact it’s a win as the thing offers little safety in reality.

Sound perfect, I do not use the Here Safety button anyway.
Today I should get the GPS2 cable delivered - let’s hope it will work easily :slight_smile:

Today I did some testing and it’s a bit strage… Remember: Here GPS connected to GPS2, nothing connected to GPS1


Will result in a yellow blinking because GPS1 is missing:
GPS2: 3D Fix
30.06.2020 19:01:23 : GPS 1: was not found
30.06.2020 19:01:23 : PreArm: GPS 1 failing configuration checks
30.06.2020 19:00:52 : GPS 1: was not found
30.06.2020 19:00:52 : PreArm: GPS 1 failing configuration checks
30.06.2020 19:00:45 : EKF2 IMU0 is using GPS
30.06.2020 19:00:45 : EKF2 IMU1 is using GPS

When I set GPS_TYPE1=0 the copter instantly switch to green, ready to arm but GPS2 swich from 3D Fix to 3D DGPS.

If I reboot/repower the cube, it will not initialise and stuck at
30.06.2020 19:06:08 : PreArm: EKF2 still initialising
(I do not moved the copter, If I enable both GPS EKF2 wil initalise quickly)

really strange…