Using Here 3 with no Pixhawk (directly through CAN bus)

Hi folks,

I’m new to this sensor. I have a robotic system with full CAN bus comms and I want to know if it’s straightforward to use the Here 3 GPS sensor as a standalone CAN device without running it through a Pixhawk. Just want to directly connect CANH and CANL and manually parse the messages (specifically the compass readings).

Could someone let me know whether this is even feasible / point me in the direction of a guide for parsing the CAN messages / etc.

Bumping in hopes someone will see…

You can do it if other side uses UAVCAN/DroneCAN

@abrown yes you can. You will need either an ability to plug CAN straight into your hardware or use CAN adapters. If you are trying to do this in an embedded system, have a look at examples on how to read DroneCAN packets here : GitHub - dronecan/libcanard . If using a compute unit with python support, you can use dronecan python package, which supports various for talking DroneCAN: GitHub - dronecan/pydronecan: python DroneCAN code generation, interface and utilities