When will support for 1080/25P video format come?

When will support for 1080/25P video format come?

May I know what camera are you using and why do you need 1080p/25FPS?

Sony FX6

I don’t know about any video transmitter on the market which is limited to 30/60P. All europe is only 25P. The international distribution format of the BBC is 25P.

Theoretically 25P should be compatible because the bandwidth is even less than 30P
There are also people using 25P with Herelink with no problem

The only concern is that Sony FX6 is not on the compatible camera list, which means either it will not work or no one has ever tried it on Herelink. Therefore there is no guarantee that it will work even under correct resolution settings.

I had problems with ZCAM E2 and 25P. Now with Sony FS5 and set output to 1080p/25P and output select to external output it works. 720 output is not working.

Where can I change video resolution in Herelink?

To change the input to 720P you need to flash different firmware on the Air unit, @Michael_Oborne do we have a link for that.

sure thing

Do I get a more stable transmission or better range with 720?

there herelink adapts the video bitrate to the link quality. so the honest answer is it makes little difference.

you are trading pixel count vs compression, which one wins depends on the scene