Why are this air units very expensive..?

I bought second-hand herelink(beta) about 1~2 years ago and now air unit won’t power up(gone dead). there was not my fault. even if I used(tested) it only twice, it is now in trouble.
(refer to this link : Herelink air unit won't boot up)
I was veryvery careful when I connect the power to air unit, in case something maybe wrong.
when I connected the power, I didn’t see any fault on my connection method.
I’m able to make simple MOSFET,Atmega328 circuit, not a beginner

I think weak power module is herelink’s problem
because I heard that my friend who uses drone for commerical delivery, also experienced power module burn of herelink. he bought air unit again.
and I saw many power module burn on this forum, without any specific reason(they just suspecting overheat or over voltage)

but there is much more severe problem than burn of herelink air unit :

when I contacted my local reseller(https://ercmall.co.kr/) for repairing, he recommended I buy a whole herelink set again, and the price was very expensive!!
even though transmitter(expensive) is still alive and good, I have to buy it again with huge money!
they have no option to buy only air unit, because price is nearly same with whole herelink sets.

in korea, whole herelink set is 1,130,680 KRW(= about 959.83$), and I barely remember they said air unit is 700$(I can’t figure out it exactly, I think it is excluding tax and abroad delivery fee), anyway they said air unit is almost same price with whole herelink set.

I refused to buy new whole herelink set because it is too expensive, but they say they can’t help it, the price is hex’s policy, and herelink’s air unit is too expensive and the price is nearly same with whole new herelink set.

I think this is very weird situation and I was very angry.
other company and brand(Spektrum, Taranis, Futaba, Graupner, DJI, etc) receiver is relatively cheap than transmitter.

all the same. it is very common sense in RC world that transmitter is expensive, and receiver is cheap.

if we have problem on receiver, we can replace it easily because it is cheaper than transmitter.

and it is common sense that we fly several units, so receiver should be cheap.
(one expensive transmitter covers several receiver)
I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back because I expected for receiver to be cheap when I bought herelink.
there are many users fly multiple vehicles.
they don’t opereate only one vehicle.
when we compare the price of herelink’s air unit to other receiver of RC Brand, we can think that herelink is not designed to operate multiple units, and that is very severe defective.

I also need several air unit.(but can’t use herelink because it’s air unit is too expensive)
I bought 1 Pixhawk Cube Orange, 2 Pixhawk Cube black.
and have many APM and original pixhawk.
I also have autonomous Pixhawk 2.4.8 rover(car) with jetson TK1
I also have other air vehicle made by pixhawk.
I love ardupilot and have many interest in ardupilot’s source so I bought herelink but I disappointed.
it also have less buttons and have no control for gimbal control(we can control only 1-axis, and if we operate winches for multicopter, cannot assign button on gimbal. I think we should have at least 2~3 dial button)
I have 3 pixhawk vehicle, so do I have to buy 3 herelink full set?
its totally don’t make sense at all.
if I have spektrum branded transmitter, I just buy 3 cheap receiver, not 3 expensive full set.

I think now herelink is waste of money, so I will throw herelink to fire and tread on the herelink, and upload the burning video on youtube, many people can watch that.
and i will tell to other person engaged in multicopter and other RC, not to buy herelink

because its power module is sensitive, if broken, you have to buy whole set again.(its totally waste of money.)
if you want to bind with another drone, you have to buy whole set again(its also totally waste of money.)
herelink is not cheap,china thing! it should consider customer’s convenience.
I will make the video if hex’s policy not change.
video that I tread on herelink and burn it.
if you don’t solve the problem, it is also not good for hex, because if defective are not removed, customers will refuse to use herelink items.

plus, there are lots of people I can tell directly, not youtube, who consider buying many tranmitters for their drones.

in korea, now DJI products are now expelled from korea due to certification problem.

There maybe demand for DIY drone or pixhawk drone due to DJI blank.

but in korea, no transmitter now have appropriate korean ceritification and performance.

I think now is the very chance for other brand than dji can squeeze in market and capture the top spot.

it is not important for customer that herelink uses open source or use high techonology.(I choosed herelink for this reason)

it is important to know customer’s need and customer’s need is cheap receiver.(&and other convenience things for example gimbal control dial)

I will tell my friend and post video on youtube if this things improved in next series, but not improved, I will tell all my friend and other people that herelink is inconvenient.

it is okay for whole set to be expensive, but if receiver’s price is same with whole set, it is totally freak,fraud

as I mentioned above, I will upload the video that throw herelink in the fire with my anger.

and also :
in the product case, nominal voltage range is 5V~12V
in herelink hompage, nominal voltage range is 6V~12V
in herelink forum, from expert, nominal voltage range is 7V~12V
I think all data is different and it can confuse the users.

I can understand you’re anger. I agree that it is in many aspects not nice to have to buy an air unit which is so expensive. I also think there is a sustainability and climate protection issue if you have to trash such a device because of probably a failure of a 2 $ component. But maybe that is a certification issue.

Anyhow anger leads to desaster and burning the device is an ignorant approach. It’s ignorant against the climate, the environment and the living beings which could be saved with the money the device is worth.
If you don’t need it (the devices money) please sell it and donate the money to the Against Malaria Foundation instead. If you can ship it to Germany (I guess that is to expensive) I will donate 500 $ to the AMF in return. This will save more than 100 families from the danger of am Malaria infection.

You can still make a video about that which btw might attract far more people.

If you are not into donating (but I promise you, you will profit from it) you could also could find someone who needs a ground unit and divide a set.

@Truth_T. I have had the exact same experience and journey with this product. It is unfortunate because the Herelink concept is great, but without any customer protection and support, its just not worth it. I too am furious about wasting money and now left with a useless controller.

After weeks of back and forth emails, they finally provided an RMA for me to pay almost $200 in return shipping to the ROC. The default response from Hex is to “push the problem onto the reseller”, but then they provide no support to the reseller that helps the customer in any way. (wholesale replacement, 3rd party repair, or at least a diagnosis). In my experience, Hex does not have interest in customer service, and they will never do enough volume to recoup the R&D costs to lower the unit price. Technically, they aren’t doing anything wrong, but bad policies, attitudes and unwillingness to compromise on behalf of the cash paying customer is not cool.

Please reach out to me via Private Message. We can work together on getting the word out and warning consumers of what they are getting into with this product. OR… if you want to have a live “Air Unit burn party” online, I am ok with that too.