Windows Drivers for cubes... direct install


Cube Orange Firmware
Orange & Yellow Beta Cubes - Firmware Issues
(AJ Hmoud) #2

is this driver download to be directly installed on the CUBE? i think what im trying to say is this a firmware update?
sorry im a bit confuse. appreciate the help.


This is the Windows drivers for cube USB

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(AJ Hmoud) #4

thank you, its clear to me now.

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(David B Bitton) #7

I’m having an issue w. connecting to my Cube Black from WIndows 10 in a VMware Fusion VM. The correct driver is coming up for the device.

What is happening is MP times out connecting. I can however connect to the Cube via QGroundControl natively on the Mac. Ideas?


Version of mission planner?

(David B Bitton) #9

Latest beta


As in… 5 minutes ago? Or yesterday? That makes a big difference with a beta…

(David B Bitton) #11

as of 9/8/2019 @ 5:55 PM EDT



(David B Bitton) #13

BTW, as an add-on, I installed QGC in Win10 and it connects to the cube.