CAN HERE2, Unable to see GPS or use SLCAN for update


I have multiple units from same order batch, which show “No GPS” and by using MissionPlanner SLCAN it is not regognized. Older batch HERE2 units are working with the exactly same setup.
I have also tested to connect them with UAVCAN gui tool, and I have replicated the same problem with newer units, where as the older ones are working as expected.

Also the magnetometer is not visible/recognized on CAN mode.

When the CAN HERE2 is disconnected I have got an message after while on MissionPlanner saying “UC node ### down!”. That’s the only signs of life from CAN HERE2.

  • I’m using newest stable MissionPlanner
  • 4.0-dev build from few days back from this date
  • Cube black with standard carrier board


I’m contacting the distributor regarding this problem. This post is addition to that, also a notification to other users with possibly same problem.

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having constant problems like this myself too… some units work some don’t. Information on this topic is scattered and inconsistent.

Interesting that you have the compass not being recognized. We are constantly getting “compass variance” errors yet the drone flies fine through the auto mission. Also constantly getting “bad gps health” yet gps sits at 20 (this one has been going on over year now over 10 builds and every firmware release)

I tried disabling the internal compass via the usual compass setup but I read that does not work when using CAN. So I checked everything in the compass_typemask except the CAN and the Here2 compass… but then it does not recognize the compass exists at all.

I have a feeling the drone is flying on internal compass only and that is scary as the autopilot is too close to the power wires.

The Here2 gps and compass issues are in serious need of attention, I am not sure what I can do to aid this process but it has been a huge investment of time, money and frustration.

Lets get this sorted.

Can you post your Prams file ?