Cube Orange can't see external (here3) compass

Here is the problem again:

I’m using Mission Planner and I have already set the parameters described here
but yet I still can’t see my compass.
If there is a hardware problem, how can I be sure it’s a compass problem or a cube problem?

Does the GPS working well?
You may also try to connect it via SLCAN and change the node id to a different one.

I still receive No GPS on the MP Data window. Can you point me out where can I find the documents to change the node id?

It’s right under the link I shared earlier

Thanks for the help!
Unfortunately, MP can’t see my compass in the SLCAN Mode. I think it’s possible the problem is a hardware problem.

Is there anything else I can do?

Are you able to update it?

I get no update available for the ardupilot.

Please contact your reseller for RMA.