Here 2 GPS signal anomaly

Hello all,

I’m having some trouble getting a GPS lock on my here 2 GPS module. All the time during the day, it blinks in blue color(doesn’t have a GPS lock), and during the evening, it suddenly turns blinks in green and when the bot is armed, turns solid green(gets a GPS lock).

Why is it that during only certain time during the day, I get a GPS lock and how do I fix this issue?

Have you set up the CAN parameters?

Yes, the CAN parameters have been set up according to the User Manual and firmware was updated last month.

It’s normally in the flashing blue as Ashutosh mentioned and only during the evening, it blinks green showing GPS 3D lock.

When connecting to ground control station, does it shows gps 3d fix?
In mission planner, you may also go to “tuning” and check the instant GPS data.

Or maybe make a disarm log.