HERE 2 no fix, no gps

When plugged in I2C and CAN1/2; GSPS_TYPE and CAN_D1 all parameters set to 9 and 1 respectively, shows GPS: No GPS; only start light blinks once when powered up on gps, no light on safety switch, cable used: 8 pin to 4 pin

When plugged in GPS 1; shows GPS: No Fix; only led blinks once when powered up, safety switch light glows up and responds, cable used 8 pin to 8 pin

Have you updated the firmware on the Here2? And is the internal switch set to CAN?

I have kept the internal switch to I2C. Can you please provide me with steps to update the firmware.

While using I2C and CAN port I have positioned the switch to I2C and CAN respectively.

While using GPS 1 port, I have positioned the switch to I2C position.

please use in Serial / I2C mode till we release the full CAN upgrade instructions.

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@abhirup_sen I hope your problem is solved.

My problem hasn’t been solved yet. Still shows GPS: No Fix when connected to GPS 1 port

Check with another cable if you have one

So please confirm
Switch is in I2C position, and you are connected to GPS1 position?

LESs are all functional?
GPS shows connected?
You are outside in a clear area?


Only safety switch led functions, and HERE 2 start LED blink (cyant blue)
GPS : No Fix


So this test is indoors?

@abhirup_sen You are using CAN cable and trying to get it to work over I2C. Change cable to 8pin on both ends and try.

No, he appears to have the serial cable connected correctly

But he is indoors

Seems like he is using CAN cable. He hasn’t confirmed that he changed the cable and I have not got cyan blue in the 8 pin cable.

But he says the safety button light is on. It can only be on with the unit plugged into GPS1 port.

A photo would be really helpful

Gps:no fix indicates that he is successfully connected with the gps.

Yes photo will clear the confusion. @abhirup_sen please post a picture of your setup.

Leds blinking but accelerometer remains upside down and gps still no fix