Here + Problem during flight

Can anybody help me please with this issue?
I have the Here+ on the quad running 4.0.2. on a Cube Black.
After about 20 minutes of flights and with RTK base Fixed position Here+ lost all sattelites and also the compass not functioning.
Link to the folder with the logs:

Had similar issue on Here2. I always use dual GPS just for back up! Yours might be cable/power issue too! Check cables once.

I solve this problem and it was power supply to the Here+. First i replaced the Here+ with a Here V2 and everything was ok. So i thought maybe firmware reflash for the Here+. I did so and again the same issues. I noticed that if i was connecting the usb to Cube, the issues with the GNSS were gone away, so i thought is power supply problem. On serial 2 i have a Drotag for pictures geo tagging and camera triggering. I gave 5+ from the servo rail to the Drotag and that was it. Problem solved. So Here V2 has different power needs than the Here+ or maybe a ground loop?