Here2 barometer

(Azulay Ohad) #1

I am building a waterproof drone and I need to use an external barometer.
I have the here2 GPS and I don’t understand how I can use the barometer in it.
I will appreciate any help.

(L Kurt Shaw) #2
(Colin FPV) #3

what about Copter 3.6.9 and Plane 3.9.8 ?

(Azulay Ohad) #4

Thank you for the answer.
I am now able to use the GPS through uavcan and i can see also the magnometer.
but I don’t know where i can read the barometer and use it as my primary baro…

(jace26 .) #5

Now at 3.9.11 on arduplane. Is there a way to get baro to work with CAN on this yet?


Use 4.0, yes, just enabled can Barometer

(jace26 .) #7

Okay, I loaded Arduplane 4.0.0beta2, Can setup below, good compass and gps, but I don’t see parameters to select the baro, nor do I see response in the hud.


Look under Barometer, not CAN

(jace26 .) #9

Can you put up a guide concerning this? Or tell me what params to set? The documentation is all written toward i2c busses and sensors, so it seems unless you already know what to do, or how to read the code, then you’re stuck. Your CAN guide was good, got me right where I need to be, just take it one more step please.

I see no “Barometer” parameters in 4.0, so I assume you meand the GND parameters right? is there a specific GND_Probe_Ext value to set?

(Ian ) #10

I’ll have a look at this later and put something up

(jace26 .) #11

you got the baro working? that would be sweet.


Set GND_PROBE_EXT value to 4.
Then, I could able to see values on GND_ABS_PRESS3 parameter, which means the 3rd barometer (external) is working using CAN.
However, there are no way to report the 3rd barometer in real-time to the ground station (Mission Planner). In Flight Data screen, i.e. press_abs and press_abs2 only (no press_abs3?).