Herelink Antenna Placement


What is the best way to position the herelink antenna? According to MAD RC Range Testing Video it is best to place the antenna vertically. If I do this, it will stick out like bunny rabbit ear and will not be aerodynamic.

If I mount both the antenna facing me, will I have range issues when the drone turns around and is facing away from me?

Can the antenna be mounted horizontally? I am assuming to place one facing forward and other facing the opposite direction so I have RC control when I turn my drone around. Am I correct in making such an assumption?

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HereLink Real World Range Test

hi, Ganesh,

Please check the picture for installing the antenna.


Thank you Eric, for the information. I was wondering where did you get this information form? Because my Hereink system did not have any manual with it. Did yours have a manual when you purchased your system?

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No Eric’s didn’t come with manual. But Eric did provide us with one.


Thank you providing the link, but this was the first thing I checked after opening the Herelink package. The listed manual does not have the information and diagram provided above. You seem to know a few things about the whole thing, can you please advise me on placement of the antennas? The diagram only tells me how to position the antenna, but no information on with direction to place the antenna? Should it be placed facing the controller?


If this is a patch antenna these diagrams don’t make sense. Should we not be given the radiation pattern so we can decide. I’m afraid a lack of info is very disappointing. if the arm is at 15 dec then the drone will have a RC blindspot directly below it ??


The Airside are Omni directional, technically you could mound Horizontally and then rotate the ground to horizontal but it’s not the ideal scenario or setup.

Vertical is the best.


The information that Eric provided is spot on.

I’m confused as to what “lack” of information you are referring too?

Eric posted this… mount like this…


Yes, the blind spot will be directly below it.

you must not fly over people.

The antenna is an Omni dipole the radiation pattern will be a doughnut



Can I mount the antenna stick to the carbon fiber leg of the drone?



Absolutely NOT

Carbon fibre is conducive, so will ruin your range completely

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What do you suggest as backing to mount the antenna?


Fibreglass, plastic, glass, Kevlar, balsa, eps, xps, anything non conducive.


• Fiberglass
• anything non-conductive


Thank you, Philip.


Thank you, ClaudioNC.