Herelink camera not connect

Hi guys…
I use Herelink with Hero6 camera and it was very stable before last day… But know when I try connecting the camera to Herelink no think happend… I tried with 3 GoPro4 and the same results… any idea please

Please ensure that the camera output is 720p@30fps or 1080p@30/60fps
Also the format should be H.264

Hi Alvin… I tried with all this options… No changes

There is someone successfully connect his Hero6 to Herelink, so it shouldn’t be compatibility issue.

Have you update your Herelink to latest version?

This discussion may also give you some thoughts:

Hi Alvin… Yes I updated my GoPro, but I use the old verision from Herelink; I did not update it to the lastest verision… The LED 1 is yellow

Please try to update your Herelink. This may solve the problem some times

Ok Alvin… But for updating I think I need install Solex but I don’t know how… Any idea please

You don’t need Solex for update…You get Solex after you update your Herelink

Ok thanks I’ll update it… One more question please…
My second Herelink Throttle Joystick is not working… I used it just 2 times… I calibrated it but the issue did not fixed

Does it not moving in the hardware calibration page? or anywhere else?
Are all sticks not working or only the throttle?

It’s not working in anywhere and it just Throttle

Can I have a video of your Herelink conducting hardware calibrating?

Ok I’ll send a video