Herelink cannot register device

I recieved a product key from getfpv and I am trying to register the herelink. But when I input the code it gives an error message “cannot register product”. I have a good wifi connection and I also set the time on the herelink correctly. I updated the firmware on the herelink to the latest version by following this page

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Best, Andrii.

Please check the time is correct, and also can you tell me the ip the controller has?

I did set the time correctly in the device settings but it still gives me the same error and doesn’t allow to register.

Have the same issue (seehere). A workaround is to use cellular internet via a hotspot from your smartphone.

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I tried doing the registration by using a cellular hotspot and I still get the same error. It just says cannot register this device when I enter the product key

Here is the ip info of the remote

your ip settings are fine, so the only issues are likely to be bad key, or bad time on the unit itself

i just checked the server logs, and the issue is a bad key.

did you buy from getfpv? as it looks like that key has been used on another unit

Hi Michael, I am also facing the same issue, what I observed in my case is, that the serial number mentioned on the key and box is different than the one mentioned on the back of herelink remote unit

thats normal, each part has a separate serial number.

I reached out to GetFPV and they provided another key that worked. I was finally able to register my Herelink. Thanks for your help.

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