HERELINK - Compatible camera list

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Hello SJ.

Did you ever reply with info on a Raspberry Pi camera / 3D print gimbal build? Could you also provide info/part# for the thermal and collision avoidance sensor? For a beginner like myself…software/firmware, wiring & connection diagram would also be extremely helpful.

Thank you!

I have a gopro hero4 that i used on an old build. That UAV is no longer in service. I planned on using the same gopro4 / Tarot TL3T01 gimbal combo on my new build using the HereLink system. The gopro4 worked fine on my workbench a few months ago. This build has been a very slow process due to funds & parts availability. From what i understand, once i install the latest HereLink update my gopro4 will no longer work. I have been in search of a HereLink compatible gimbal & zoom camera combo that allows control of tilt and zoom from the HereLink Controller. There’s a post that suggests the Tarot TL10X T2D. That is waaaay too expensive for a basic 1080p with 10x zoom. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? What other gopro cameras are compatible…if any? What gimbals are compatible?

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Please use the following link for the PAN-tilt mechanism .
If it is thro’ Herelink , what flight controller are you using. Does the flight controller have extra PWM o/p ports ( AUX ) .
Below is a video where i used my Pixhawk Orange CUBE to switch ON/OFF a PWM based power supply ( # UBEC DUO) and controlled by Herelink. Basically i was saving power those days :grinning:

I also have the Pixhawk Orange cube.

Regarding the Thermal cam for Pi, you could use the TOPDON # TC001 which has a USB port for Pi connection and python package on Github 230 USD !


You can use an 90 $ version from High Resolution Thermal Camera with Raspberry Pi and MLX90640 — Maker Portal

how to configure Go-Pro hero 9 with herelink RC, Anyone have any idea . It is compatible or not ?

HERO 9 is compatible or not?

I have tested a common FPV analog camera (caddx ratel) + AV to HDMI converter and NOT WORKS on herelink

these system works on standard hdmi monitor. therefore, the error besides on herelink hdmi codecs or something similar
any solution for small and cheaper simple fpv camera suitable for herelink?

You can check my post for suitable low price camera for Herelink
Is your Herelink v1.0 or v1.1.
Does it work on both HDMI ports

herelink 1.0 at latest update

Can you provide the link of the latest update…

with these version, standard fpv cam + av to hdmi adapter dont works on herelink

With another unit of herelink, with the same fw version and latest update, the system works

fpv cam + av to hdmi converter + flex with hdmi adaptors to herelink air unit.

maybe the beta versions of the earlier herelink units have hardware limitations to engage different hdmi sources?

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Can you place the link here to the updated Herelink version where both the HDMI ports do work . Also please advice the Herelink firmware versions which you have in your Herelink v1.0 unit

thank you

i have 2 herelinks with the same firmware versions. up to date with the latest firmwares, air units too.

i make the updates throught the app in the remote and with the flasher win to the air unit

in one, the both hdmi ports works ok with the fpv cam + av to hdmi adaptor.

in the other herelink with the same version, dont works. i suspect that these herelink was a beta version