HereLink is now Stable!

As of today, you can upgrade your HereLink to Stable release!!!

Changes from the last beta simply include

the addition of CAM button support in QGC
also added support for users to be able to opt in to beta channel.

Thank you all for the patience in bringing this product to stable!

It obviously doesn’t stop here, this update bring with it the ability to select to upgrade to further Beta releases, or to stick with Stable.

More cool things coming to beta very soon…


Hi @philip,
I just update my herelink directly from the remote unit. Apparently there was a new version waiting for me to update it. I woulsd like to know which changes had been done. How can we see if a bug has been removed?

which bug is that?

Which version are you now on? And what were you on?

Hi @philip well I do not know how to know which version I am in. I just yesterday run the system updates and a new update was available. I installed it. How can I know the version? How can I know what was changed, improved in the new version.
@Michael_Oborne The “bug” I am talking about is this:

It is not directly related to herelink, but it is critical for the ones we are using QGroundControl

The about phone will tell you what you are running…

As to that bug you are talking about…

The control link is seperate from any app, if QGC crashes for any reason, your link will remain, your RC will not be lost.

Hello everyone.
today I received a here link. it was working well and connected with cube orange. After some time of charging. I noticed a strange problem in the ground module. the display brightness is too low, can’t able to see what is in the display. Initially, I thought the module is switched off, later noticed the display is on, but the display brightness is too low. have anyone noticed this issue. How I can troubleshoot this problem.

thanks in Advance

might be due to adaptive screen brightness is turned on. just go settings and disable “adaptive screen brightness”. and you’ll be able to adjust the brightness of the display.

@philip and @MadRC can i know which kind of memory card goes into the herelink transmitter?? the specifications of the memory card ,please

any uSD card should work

Hi all, I am getting an error message that qgroundcontrol should be running 3.3 or higher… This is after updating ground and airside. Any thoughts on this?


The next release will fix this error

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Awesome thanks, I wanted to make sure it was safe to fly.

Hi, after latest upgrade in Herelink.
In the BUTTONS → Load Config.
I can’t delete the name of config I create before.
Please see the video and give me the solutions.
Thanks all.

does button mapping to AUX-OUT now work in QGC?
Like in this video at 7:45

Thank you

Hi. Is there a consolidated changelog that shows all the changes for each subsequent firmware update?

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@philip i have updated herelink yesterday, unfortunately it needs registration key but i dont have any. i want to upload the old firmware. kindly help in this regard.


your reseller can get that for you