Herelink September Beta update available

Hello Herelink users,
New beta update is out. All beta users can switch to beta channel and update there units with latest beta release.

The beta release contains:

  • Updated QGroundControl v4.0.8
  • Added support for manual selection of comms frequency channel under Herelink Settings App.

Users interested in trying beta release can switch to beta channel from OTA update app. This thread is to be used to report issues on beta release.

Please note that rolling back from Beta release to Stable release will require factory reset.

Cubepilot Team



The air unit must be updated too?

Any other improvement?

@sidbh - how to perform factory reset? Firmware flashing via USB?

Thanks for the beta update - fixed most of the issues I had.
Now I have two new issues about the QGC button settings:

  • Text in [Settings -> Buttons -> General] cutoff in QGCs default UI scaling (100%), only readable if scaled down in QGC settings. And even if readable, I really can’t imagine what these settings are supposed to do…
    Default scaling (100%):

    UI Scaling at 82%:

  • Button actions do not work at all: No matter what I do setup in [Settings -> Buttons -> Button Assignment] (e.g. flightmode change), nothing seems to happen when I press the button. The according number flashes when the button is pressed but nothing happens. Maybe the “enable” checkboxes from the previous firmware version are missing? What do the grey “repeat” boxes mean?

Hi @nyquist2205,
Thanks for reporting the issues, I will look into this and report back.

Use steps mentioned here:

I was also wondering if the Air unit needs to be updated too??? From what I gather it’s basically a QGroundControl update but like many other times I could be mistaken. Thanks

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I have the same issue. @sidbh I guess it is not possible to use the RC-Buttons until the issue is resolved?

Another thing which seems to be missing is the German translation file. While I can switch to Korean I do not see language changes if I switch to German.

I’m willing to contribute to the translation if someone provides the file.

I think the translation could be limited to the gui parts accessed by the general user.

I have massive issues with the firmaware. Sticks have stopped working, QGC stays black, no input possible.

Will there be another update in the next days or should I revert to non beta?


There is another problem. If using copter 4.0.4 there is a constantly visible popup “Parameters are missing from firmware. You may be running a version of firmware QGC does not work correctly with or your firmware has a bug in it. Missing params:

From what I understand it is caused by an old version of QGC that does not understand new arducopter compass priority. It should be possible to fix by installing the newest version of QGC. Will you release a newer version of QGC? This bug is seriously annoying…

Same here. I’m running the same issue :confused:
Any idea how to fix it?

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I think it would be nice if you @sidbh, @philip could provide people who are willing to do beta testing with some information on the progress of resolving the problems. Zero reaction on our/issues feels kind of odd. I know you are very busy, but please provide an update and a time horizon now and then.



latest Beta “should” fix this

remember if you want to go back to normal release, factory reset your device

Any updates?

I converted back to stable. A very unpleasant experience to be invited to test a beta but not be part of a process of improvements.


When can I expect 25P video support?