How to activate DFU Mode on Cube Orange+

Hello, I currently have a bad bootloader on my Cube Orange +. To upload a new bootloader, I want to put it in DFU mode. From what I have read online, the only way to do this is to break open the case and manually pull up the BOOT0 line on power up. Is there any way to enter DFU mode without breaking into the case, like with an ST-link or the BlackMagic Probe ( I do have access to the IO and FMU Debug ports through the ADS-B Carrier board.

@jclomax There is an SWD interface available on the standard Carrier board. You can find it if you take apart the plastic around the Carrier board. It is below the carrier board. The pinout of the same is as follows.

The debug ports use connector type SM06B-SURS-TF(LF)(SN)-ND