Introducing Here3!


Ever since the m8p module came out, I have wanted it to be our base model.

For too long, precision has been out of reach.

Not anymore!

We have negotiated hard!!! And now, for less than the price of just the module by itself, we bring you RTK precision!

Here3 RTK! CAN! Improvement to the LEDs.
for almost half the price of the Here+

M8P… the new Base model GPS.


Philip, is this a replacement/improvement for the rover unit in the Here+? What is the accuracy of this unit when used by itself?

Great work on hitting that price point!! This should be a big seller!

Here3 replaces here, here+, Here2, here+V2

We have been using Here+ in our system and we used to get ground and rover module both. In which the ground module used to connect with the rover module which used to send it regular corrections to improve the accuracy.
However, with Here 3 I can’t find a base module. I have the following doubts regarding this:

  1. Just needed clarity so as to how is it functioning as a RTK?
  2. Will we have to use HERE+ base module with it?
  3. Is there any other link for the base module of HERE 3 which I cannot find on the proficnc website.


@philip @Michael_Oborne

The Here+ ground unit is still the same, no change there

So, if we want the base station to continuously send corrections to HERE 3 for improved accuracy, we need to purchase the base module of HERE+ along with it as well?


@philip @Michael_Oborne