UBlox Raw Data with here3

Hey all,
I’m trying to use a Here 3 with the Cube 2.1 and I’m not seeing any raw log messages from the ublox module. Specifically I’m looking for GRAW, GRXH, and GRXS messages. I see the header information but nothing else

FMT, 189, 42, GRAW, QIHBBddfBbB, TimeUS,WkMS,Week,numSV,sv,cpMes,prMes,doMes,mesQI,cno,lli
FMT, 190, 24, GRXH, QdHbBB, TimeUS,rcvTime,week,leapS,numMeas,recStat
FMT, 191, 41, GRXS, QddfBBBHBBBBB, TimeUS,prMes,cpMes,doMes,gnss,sv,freq,lock,cno,prD,cpD,doD,trk

I’ve got my unit hooked up with CAN, is there any settings I need to turn on or maybe do I need to go to I2C? I’m hoping to use this data to post correct the GPS data. Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find an answer.



Bumping this to see if anyone has an idea?
If not does anyone know where I could get an i2c cable for the here3 or a pin out so I can build my own?

the can format doesn’t currently support raw observations. ie its not in the uavcan spec

Makes sense thanks for the reply!

Any idea where I can source an i2c cable for this to connect it to a cube?

Hello Guys!
I’m looking to do this same kind of modifications with Here3 to have the Noise and Jamming data that are inside the u-blox chip (but is not sent by CAN). Did someone had any success with this?