Upgrade Here 2 firmware

For those trying to upgrade their here 2 firmware to enable Serial mode, we have discovered that the SLCAN feature in ardupilot is not currently working on 3.7 master.

This is a known good firmware for getting SLCAN to work


Remember to follow the instructions at


Compass3 is not working

here 2 third compass is not working after upgrading the here2 firmware
How to enable Compass3 in i2c mode

Gred LED is steady,not blinking

Could you please pick one post and answer on that?
It’s really hard to track down everything you have done.

Why are you not using CAN?

Hi Philip,

I have tried to update firmware on 2 different computers (both windows 10) but get the message “no update available”

does this mean that the latest firmware is already loaded? or do I have a problem with the loading of the bootloader?


I think you are trying update online feature. Don’t click the option which prompts to search online, instead choose local file. You are supposed to navigate to local file that you have downloaded from the link in the instruction.

You need to update the boot loader then update the firmware.

This is 2 separate updates, follow the doc and it will lead you though this.

There is a way to tell that a bootloader of a device is updated or not?
or to get the version of a bootloader on device?


If you updated it it’s updated… otherwise, it’s not.

I think what Omer is trying to ask is if there is a way to know that a successful update was performed.
If No then the answer should be a more respectful one.

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Basically If you update the boot loader then the firmware and it’s working it’s done.

If you look in SLCAN there is info there but I can’t remember the versions off the top of my head And what is exactly shown. I’m away till Thursday so can’t confirm my self. .

But basically do the boot loader then firmware and your all good.

Assuming people are being disrespectful when they are dedicating their time to helping is disrespectful.

Follow the instructions step by step, they work.

Hey @philip,
everything works fine, I updated the device, the bootloader and the firmware, I just wondered if I could tell by any sign or version that the bootloader is also updated or the only way is to overwrite and that’s it.
I already notice that the firmware version displayed in CAN mode in MP.

Another interesting question - is there a change log of the firmware and/or the bootloader?

Thanks for helping.

I think the lights will slow strobe blue. when the bootloader is loaded I think they turn off. Or maybe that’s after the firmware is is loaded. It’s really easy. Just start over. Load the bootloader. Follow the instructions. Wait 4 minutes, reboot. Flash the firmware, wait 4 minutes reboot. I did a search online for the firmware and believe I got a newer version of the firmware than what’s in the instructions but not 100 percent sure in that one either.

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Hi, I understand the importance of upgrading to use slcan but I will loose the safety switch functionality, so how do I resolve it?

You can still connect the safety button to the GPS1 connector.


Thank you @philip, why didn’t I think of that :wink: