Here4 GPS, FW update via Mission Planner causing firmware to downgrade

Hi Everyone.
While trying to I update Here-4 GPS through Mission planner SLCAN there was a firmware change, but it downgraded the firmware from 1.3.3DA008BF to 1.12.33C3E4E7
Below are the screenshots from MP.

@sidbh Please help in this matter, So that latest FW is available through Mission planner.

@Ashish_Abraham_Math 1.12 > 1.3 , it’s the 12th minor version compared to 3rd

Thanks @sidbh for the reply.

Post FW update of GPS here 4, what is arduplane version recommended…?

Will arduplane will support the updated here 4 version…!


Is there any method to downgrade GPS firmware version…?

@sidbh Is there any way to set the FW back to 1.3 ?
Getting GPS failing config checks continually after the GPS 1& 2 is recognized (both here4)
both are running 1.12 version.

@Ashish_Abraham_Math please share the logs, also can you let me know if this is Here4 Black or Here4 Blue. You may need to do firmware update through this process Here 4 Manual - CubePilot . But do share logs, so I can confirm that is the issue.

@sidbh We are using here-4 Black, we had done the Firmware update through Mission planner SLCAN, using the manual, are you recommending to do a Ublox update through U-center?
Will share the Logs in some time

Hi @sidbh This is one such log, will Upload more if we find more logs of this issue.

@Ashish_Abraham_Math yes, please follow the process in the document I linked to update the ublox firmware through u-center

Hi @sidbh we have attempted the ublox FW update, but it was already the updated FW in ublox.(UBX_F9_100_HPGL1L5_140_F9P) We nevertheless flashed it again with the FW from the here4- Docs. but this didnot solve the Config messages.
So, we downgraded the GPS FW from v1.12 to 1.11, this solved the issue of GPS failing config checks msg’s. But this introduced noise in the N.sats. and there is frequent satellite drop making the AP to switch primary GPS frequently. (much noisier than what we experienced with FW v1.3).

Is there any bug in the FW1.12 Causing GPS config fails?


This is the same problem that I was facing yesterday.

Hello All

We have downgraded the FW version of Here 4 and checked for any errors.

Hardware and Software Setup

  • FC: Pixhawk Orange Cube Plus, firmware Version: 4.3.8 Arduplane.
  • Dual Here 4 GPS are installed, CAN-1 and CAN-2 port.

Below is the GPS order.

We have done a downgrade of the FW version on here 4 GPS and the following are the observations we got.

  • FW version 1.12: " GPS failing configuration check." A pre-arm message is popping up randomly in both the GPS.
  • FW version 1.11: Noisy GPS data (satellites continuously changing).
  • FW version 1.10: GPS data looks fine, but the GPS Delta value sometimes reaches 400.
  • FW version 1.09: GPS data looks fine, but GPS Delta value sometimes reaches 400.


@Ashesh_Rai how are you powering the Here4 GPS? Can you provide separate 5V supply that is not through Cube. And check if that helps?

@Ashish_Abraham_Math can you also provide separate 5V power to Here4 through CAN. Also what else do you have connected to CubeOrange?

@sidbh So primary here-4 GPS is getting power through Cube, orange carrier board, Secondary is getting external 5v power.
Rangefinder, Telemetry radio & RaspberryPi, GPS-d2(also here-4), Airspeed sensor.
The above are all getting external power, only GPS-1 is powered via Carrier board.

@Ashish_Abraham_Math so you are having issues with both GPS1 and GPS2 with v1.12?

Yes @sidbh, for that reason we have downgraded the firmware to 1.10 and are not facing the issue.
FYI @Ashesh_Rai & I are teammates.

Unlikely that you will have any difference between v1.11 and v1.10 they are exactly the same firmware with change to embedded CubeID firmware only, which is not relavent for you as CubeID is included only in Here4 Blue not Here4 Black. @Ashish_Abraham_Math

Also can you try latest v1.13 , the LEDs are reset before booting to main firmware.

Sorry My bad, We are using 1.09 FW on here-4 GPS

Hi @sidbh, We are also facing Altitude error from the here-4 GPS,
Although the Take-off altitude & land Altitude are same, there is an error of 8-10m when landing.
Once it reaches the ground it is showing -10m, so the aircraft starts the final Descend at 20m as opposed to the desired 10m, this is increasing our landing battery consumption.
Range Finder only activates at 10m till then, the AP is relying on GPS.
I have attached the logs below.

This is one such Log, this is the most extreme case(-10m error), if you require more logs, let me know.

Please let me know what can be done.