HereLink and RTK


I’m looking to get a Cube + HereLink and am considering what GPS to get. I would like to be able to play with RTK in the future.

So I am planning to get a Here+ rover, assuming it can be used as a stand alone GPS for now?

Might it be possible to use the HereLink controler as a RTK base in the future?

Or will it be necessary to use a Mavlink PC and USB RTK base?

The plan is to allow a RTK base to connect to HereLink via a wireless link and to be used as a base without an additional PC.

Yes, here+ can be used as a normal GPS

What is the RTK base?

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This is what I referred to as the base:

So this has a wireless link integrated already, at leas from the hardware?

The base is a nearly identical GPS. You set the base at known position and it provides an accurate correction to your rover. You can acquire a known position anywhere using several methods.

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No built in wireless yet.

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The plan is to allow the Here+ RTK base to connect to HereLink via a wireless link?
I am hoping is the existing Herelink wireless link.

That’s the plan

So then currently there is no way to use Here+ with Herelink, or can it be connected to the micro USB port?

we have tested with a USB OTG micro cable direct connection to Herelink, no it does not work presently. Currently another system, example laptop, and a radio are needed.

This question is in multiple places.

Connect your HereLink to your ground station via wifi, Connect your Here base to to your ground station via USB
Connect mission planner via UDP

Use RTK like normal.

Has anyone had success setting up the Emlid Reach RTK system with the Herelink? Assuming it is configured the same way as the Here+ method stated above via the external GCS and wifi

It should work fine, from a mission planner point of view it’s just a comms link

Saw the teaser photo of MP on Herelink, when that is rolled out do you think that will support the Reach hardware, guess it only will when the built in wireless feature you talked about above is implemented? Any time frame on that? Thanks for the help Phillip really appreciate it.

HereLink has everything it needs now. All it needs is an RTK base that communicates via wifi.

Hi Philip, I have the herelink, pixhawk 2.1 cube, and the here+ RTK. I have a laptop with a 5.8g usb wifi. I also have a telemetry radio. I can connect the herelink to the laptop via wifi (laptop running mission planner). In mission planner I can connect the here+ RTK, and the telemetry radio. The herelink doesn’t see the here+ RTK. If I use the herelink to fly waypoints, will my accuracy be standard GPS or RTK? Do I need the telemetry radio or does the herelink transmit the telemetry to the laptop via 5.8g wifi?
Thanks in advance.

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When connected, the Herelink RTK indicator is still greyed out, showing duration and satellites as blank. Should it be connected and showing that data?

Does mission planner tell you that you have RTK fix?

I tried today with Here+ base station connected to a laptoop. My laptoop connected through wifi to Herelink. After waiting around 10 min I got my 3D RTK GPS Lock.
I did not fly with it, just wanted to try it. I am using PX4 not ardupilot. I do not know the problem from

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Does anyone use RTK on their herelink with a connection to MP on a regular basis now?