HERELINK - Compatible camera list

Thank you guys, I will add the 2 latest cam reported working

Anyone else getting a huge delay when viewing video stream through rtsp?


There is a recent post

Where GoPro 4 seems to work perfectly. I’m almost decided to acquire herelink 1.1, but I need someone to change the beginning of this post, as it says GoPro 4 doesn’t work anymore. I’ve been trying to find why is the reason this camera doesn’t work anymore but no trace anywhere. Obviously I have to be sure that my GoPro 4 will work with latest herelink 1.1 before I buy it. Can anyone confirm this? @Julien @Alvin @Michael_Oborne.


Hi all,

Nobody to confirm this? @philip

i have one, so I will give it a try as soon I have time

Thanks a lot!!

Are you able trigger the gopro and capture images? also record footage

Camera recomendation? No really lol! I bought a Firefly Q6 and it’s ok… For driving my boat doing bathymetry. But at higher speeds where you need to actaully see stuff, maybe not. An engineer firm has asked me to fly my 18kg X8 with a Pheonix lidar through some tight canyon terrain. The Firefly isn’t even close compared to my old Connex Prosight. Of course the Connex has no range. There has to be something better with hdmi out.

Two new tested cameras with HereLink v1 @Julien:
Unmanned RC - ADTi Surveyor 24L
Unmanned RC - ADTi Surveyor 42S (low HDMI signal - Gremsy HDMI passthrough is problematic)
Both is cappable of HDMI together with geotagging & full camera control via MavCam (ENTIRE)

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HDMI Series

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Hi, were you already abled to try the GoPro hero 4. I would really appreciate it.

No unfortunately. As I do not used it since a while the two batteries I had were totally dead. So I offered the Gopro to someone…

I can confirm that the Herelink Industrial works. But I can only get 720P@30 to work with Herelink.
I have tried powering on the camera first, and then the Airunit.

Anyone got 1080p to work with the Herelink Industrial 4k Split?


The menus in the camera are obtuse but once you get it to output 1080p30 or 1080p60 it does work with the Herelink