Herelink Stable June 2021

Hi Herelink Users

This is an announcement for a new Stable update that is now available. Please update your units by going to Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates -> Check For Updates . This will only work if you have updated your system at least once using this method: If you have not completed the steps mentioned in this doc, doing so will update you to this release.

After the update, you should be on
Remote Unit: BRU01210730
Air Unit: AAU01210415

Release Notes

You MUST update your air unit via usb to use this update.
you need to run the updater from a command prompt

  • RC update - better failsafe support
  • Joystick resolution increase - needs joystick recalibration done
  • support for dual video stream at the same time - Coming Soon
  • Trainer mode
  • Dual operator (Herelink as slave to pilots Herelink)
  • Updated apps
  • Airunit OTA support
  • Remote/Local Rssi
  • Frequency selection and bandwidth selection.
  • Save Paring info - one GCS unit to multiple air units (ie like RC Transmitter) - Coming Soon
  • Screen dpi change
  • Add HOME as configurable button
  • incremented scroll wheel
  • fix a possible reboot if wifi comms fail
  • fix a slow down issue (air unit needs the update) goto herelink settings > airunit, and use the 3 buttons across the top

Known Issues

  • You must manually update the Air unit on update to Stable. Old Stable and this Stable firmware’s will not pair.
  • QGC - Compass primary message on connect
  • a RC calibration is Required due to the change to joystick resolution

General Notes

  • RC button configuration is not to be used for Mode switching except for failsafe modes like RTL, Land or Brake. The reason behind that RC based mode setting is not feedback based, unlike MAVLink based mode switching.
  • Updates are one way, you cannot downgrade once on newer Herelink firmware.
  • This is a beta update, meaning we are not yet at a stage to call the system stable, but we are getting closer. Hence, proceed with caution when using this device on an aircraft and avoid using for critical activities.
  • Ensure that you are on a stable 5GHz Wifi network before updating and go through docs if facing issues.
  • Do search the forum before raising a new query, and if the query is not posted please create a new topic, do not post queries on an off topic thread.

Hello, Where can I get flasher_win.exe beta it appears that I can only get in the flasher_win.exe but not the beta.

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it is the same file, but must be started with “beta” after it

Hi, I have updated my herelink as beta channel, but the joystick calibration is not working. any solution?

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When updating the AIR unit, the following message is displayed. Is this a successful update?

C:\Users\Downloads\flasher_win>flasher_win bata
Looking for Device…Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 260, in
File “”, line 142, in detect_until_found
File “”, line 241, in detect_unit
File “site-packages\adb-1.3.0-py3.8.egg\adb\”, line 255, in ConnectDevice
File “site-packages\adb-1.3.0-py3.8.egg\adb\”, line 221, in FindAndOpen
File “site-packages\adb-1.3.0-py3.8.egg\adb\”, line 117, in Open
File “site-packages\”, line 2168, in open
File “site-packages\”, line 133, in mayRaiseUSBError
File “site-packages\”, line 125, in raiseUSBError
usb1.USBErrorNotSupported: LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED [-12]
[16816] Failed to execute script flasher


The error message tells that the adb is running already. It can be fixed with the following command:

adb kill-server

also check you have the adb driver installed

also make sure you spell “beta” correctly

you need to redo HW joystick calibration, as stated above

tried to update through flasher_win.exe
After the update, remote unit stuck at boot. only cube pilot logo appears.
any help in this issue?

thanks in advance

Hi Michael and Alvin,thank you forthis update and your hard work,when I try and uploadthe air end it says it is uploading 01200226 i but beta after the link I downloded from cube pilot many thanks in advance

Ok, the firmware working right now!

Try flashing again.

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Hi, if I go with the Beta version now: Can I (easily) switch to stable once published or would I be locked in the beta side of the world forever? Thanks, Sven

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No the official release will override the beta once out.


download this

Mission planner included?

you can goto beta, but to get back to stable you must reset the entire unit back to the factory image, then update to stable again

its not, but there is talk internally to include a beta version as a demo in the next release

Thanks for the reply
Tried flashing again two times from two different PC, still, the result is the same, stuck at boot