RTK Here v2

RTK doesn’t show any GNSS satellite. I tested it with other firmwares using u-center_v 19.06, but it did not work. I used Mission Planner to make the connections, but the referential connected to my laptop didn’t show any GNSS satellite, and the rover connected on pixhawk cube shows “no GPS”. I would like to hear some suggestions from the group to solve this problem. Tks.


Here +? Or here 2?

No gps means no gps is connected…

Thank you for your help. The whole story was that last year I made an X5 Skywalker but on a flight I ended up losing it. He was using the Here + base and the Here antenna. With this, I bought another pixhawk cube + antenna here 2. But now the base connects in the mission planner, but does not pick up any satellite. And when I plug in the drone, using the MP, it shows “no GPS”.

Hi, recently I had a energy problem with my cube, because I was drawing too much energy from it with some distance sensors. That cause the GPS power off on flight and compass issues too. May be you have too much electronics pluged to the cube drawing too much power.


Please try with latest master

Thank you for your help. I will try with another battery. As soon as it works I’ll post it here.


Pls dont missunderstand me, I think the battery is not the problem, i’m supposing you are taking from the cube too much power from your electronics (may be you have connected your radio RX power or some sensor), so the Cube cant energyze everything, then you GPS dont start.



OK. Tks.

Now the Here + is working (base), I just updated the MP. But the antenna Here v.2 shows no GPS, and I don’t know why yet. I’m using the GPS 1 input.

It looks like the same problem we have several in the forum.:frowning:

you can check


@pedrosa The Here2 is not what you need for RTK. It is not a carrier phase receiver.
Meaning this:
The number rf waves (about 19.2cm each) are measured to the sv. The receiver counts the number of waves. A carrier phase receiver counts the final segment portion. Code recievers do not and will not have enough data to get a kinematic fix.

You will need a M8P or F9P chip.

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Here+ is RTK
Here or Here2 is not RTK

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Also: The HerePro soon too. Please

HerePro hardware is nearly ready.
Firmware is taking a bit more time.

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Thanks @mtnsurveyor !!! I´m using an RTK Here+ (referential), and the antenna (inside the drone) Here2. But, with this antenna I can not use that even as a GPS antenna that only receives the C/A code. Using the mission planner, It appears to be without GPS.

So… You are telling me that Here2 is a conventional GNSS antenna, meaning it can only receive the Course Aquisition code (C/A code) ?

Yes, that is my understanding.
The Here2 is M8N (CA only) and the Here+ is M8P (CA & carrier phase)

OK. Thanks. So I bought the wrong antenna… :frowning:

Well, just to be clear it’s the GPS receiver too.